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Terms of Use

Article 1. - This accommodation contract is deemed to beconcluded as soon as the parties have agreed, to anyonewishing to stay at the NOU CINQ Residence.

Article 2. - Anyone wishing to stay at the residence is obligedto make known his identity and that of the persons whoaccompany him.

Article 3. - The housing benefit is payable no later than 15 days before taking possession of the premises.

Article 4. - Upon arrivalunless agreed with the owner, the customer can not require to occupy the room before 12:30. An inventory will be established. The customer will inquire as soon as he arrives, operating hours of the various services of the residence.

Article 5. - Any customer leaving his room at the end of the stay must give the key to the owner. An inventory of exit willbe established.

Article 6. - The client can not introduce in the room extrapersons not known by the ownerexcept authorization of the latter and after having filled the register of Residence NOU CINQ. Similarly, the client can not rent a room for a numberof people greater than the one provided when booking. Pets are not accepted.

Article 7. - The client must not take advantage of his stay at the residence to carry on any activity whatsoever: commercial, liberalindustrial, artisanal or agricultural.

Article 8. - The noise, even diurnal, is forbidden. The customer causing disorder or trouble in any form what so ever, can be returned on the spot. In the interest of the tranquility of all, any noise must stop between 10 PM and 7 AM.

Article 9. - A Guarantee Deposit of € 400 is requested from the customer, in addition to the amount of the reservation. It will be returned within a maximum period of 15 days from the client's departure, after deduction by Résidence NouCinq of the amounts payable by the client for the purpose of restoring the premises, various repairs, etc. The amount of these deductions must be justified by the Residence by photos, quotes or invoices. This guarantee can in no case be considered as participation in the payment of the stay. The customermust not wash clothes in the rooms or iron themSimilarlyhecan not cook or bring drinks and food not provided by the residence.

Article 10. - Any claim on the quality of the services providedmust be presented to the owner on the spot. In the case of reservation for 2 people, any use of the signle bed (including déposit of clothes, toys, books etc..) necessarily results in "bed linen cleaning package of €70.

Article 11. - At the moment of his departureit is forbiddenfor the client to take away any object belonging to the NOU CINQ Residencehe must return it if he notices a mistake.

Article 12. - Application of Article 2102 of the Civil Codewill be applied, if he refuses to pay.

Article 13. - Items left or abandoned may be sold under the conditions provided by the law of March 31, 1896.

Article 14. - It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the rooms, and in the common roomsAny nuisance tripping of the fire alarmwill be charged 150 € for the costs of putting back into service the fire safety system.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Article 15. - Management fees of € 7 are included and are non-refundable.                                                                                                                                                                                                               Article 16. -The daily towel service is charged 4 € / day / towel.                                                                                                                                                                                                            Article 17. -The beach towel service is charged 6 / day / towel.

Article 18. - Failure to comply with the above provisions willresult in immediate termination of the contract.